Big Things Await

If you are a small to medium sized business or organization that knows where you want to go but needs help getting there, we want to work with you.

The right image, a great website and effective online marketing is a powerful 3 punch combination to help your organization grow. You probably have a great product or service that has a lot of potential, but how much do you know about your target audience, how to get in front of them and how to look the part when you do? This is where we come in. We can help you discover who you are, what you do and who you do it for in order to get the right messages in front of the right people - and look good doing it. Let's get you more prospects and convert them into buyers.

Our Expertise

I'm a tech support wizard - at your service.
Daniel Roth Web Developer / Tech Support
I'm about the big picture. Let's talk about your business to see how we can make it look good and get in front of people.
Jesse Barton Owner/Account Manager
I wear a lot of hats and do a lot of things. If you are a client of Divine Designs, we'll definitely be getting to know each other.
JoAnn McNaughton Office Administrator
I manage lots of different kinds of projects. I'll keep your Website, Marketing or Graphic Design project on track, on time and on budget.
Tara Martin Project Manager
I conceptualise, produce and construct visual media that communicates strategic messages; utilising educated principles, experience based-theories and my natural artistic intuition.
Dan Mitchell Designer

Taking you where you want to go

-  Our Process  -


Before we get creative we have to first dig deep into your business to understand where you are now; your goals, your culture, who your customers are and what you're offering. We need to get to the heart of who you are and where you want to go before we offer the right solutions that will take you there.


With a clear understanding of your business, your target customers and your budget, we can begin crafting solutions that are going to help you get where you want to go. It could be anything from a complete brand strategy with a new website and ongoing advertising to a new wrap for your vehicle or tradeshow displays.


We care about your success and are not happy unless our work is providing a fantastic return on investment. We strive to deliver on time and on budget with great communication along the way if changes are required or new ideas evolve. After our Quality Assurance phase, we'll ensure your project assets are delivered properly and professionally.


Let's Talk Projects

Your needs are unique and we remain versatile to meet our clients where they are at. We realize that not everyone needs to rebuild their entire brand image and marketing strategies. We can get involved to help you build or rebuild something from the ground up or align with your current strategies to create effective advertising in the form of website design, graphic design or online marketing.

We are located in Orillia, Ontario but work effectively with customers from all over the world. We'd love to discuss how we can help you take things to the next level.

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